Improving your company’s growth, operational performance and overall profitability through implementing methodologies that focus on strategies, performance, teamwork, accountability and EXECUTION.

Intelligently Designed Execution Solutions & Programs Built for:


Excel in your industry with a top to bottom strategy for the whole team that delivers results and improved market-share.
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tools for Organizational Excellence


Designed to target & correct specific issues and problems and keep them solved to improve performance and results.
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Based on Proven Six Discipline Methodologies

Strategic  Vision


The strategic agenda requires discipline and continuity

Setting the Strategy ›
Strategic Change Management

Strategic Change Management

Building a framework to induce, and maintain change

Initiate Change Top to Bottom ›
Operational Alignment

Operational Alignment

Combining the 'Perfect Plan' and 'running' the business

Align All Systems for the Same Goals ›
Teamwork Driven Execution

Teamwork Driven Execution

Vision meets reality on a minute by minute basis

Together, Towards One Goal ›
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Identifying opportunities for improvement and insuring issues stay “solved”

Improve Quality & Processes ›
Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Self-examination with external factors and goals in mind to continue success

Review, Adjust & Excel ›

The Six Disciplines® methodology brings structure and simplicity to the processes essential to managing our business. We have been using the Six Disciplines process for over five years and have achieved noticeable results. - CEO, Pro-Tec

The Six Disciplines program has positioned us to run a more efficient, accountable and focused organization in a way that better serves our members and our community. - Douglas Peters, Former President & CEO


38% sales increase, headcount holds steady

See how one specialty manufacture used better strategy and execution to grow profitability DURING A RECESSION


Bucked the industry trend by growing readership

Learn how a regional media services company increased readership at a time when the industry struggled with growth

Capital Works

Improved key metrics 50+% in two years

Improved performance prompted one equity capital company to put its investment clients on our program.


These six principles applied to your unique company and strategy, delivered with coaching, leadership development, and software to ensure accountability through goal setting and review processes.

Going Beyond Consulting and Strategy Development

Six Disciplines works for your organization:

  • Creating cultures of strategy driven discipline instead of bureaucracy.
  • Enabling leadership to instill change throughout an organization.
  • Building teams that work together to do what’s important.
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With all of the pressures successful business leaders have today, none is more urgent or challenging than learning the ability to execute strategy. The thought-leading vision described by Gary Harpst in Six Disciplines® Execution Revolution sets a new course for how small and midsized businesses can finally confront the never-ending challenge of executing strategy.