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A Management System for Purpose-Driven Leaders

Equip your leaders to engage people in shared purpose.

• Unlock Potential  • Increase Fulfillment  • Improve Performance



Is it possible to engage the hearts and minds of your people ?

 We can't. But you can!  Since 2001, the Six Disciplines Company has been integrating proven leadership practices into a new kind of management system. The sole purpose of this system is to make your leaders at every level of the organization more effective.

Learn Why & How to Build a Purpose-Driven Organization with this Free eBook

Why & How to Build a  Purpose-Driven Organization

Here's the proof it works


Average Client Retention is 7 Years and Increasing!

The ultimate proof of any service is whether clients continue to pay for it.  We have no long-term contracts. Clients can end the program with 30 days notice. But they don't!


15 Years Field Research

Over 15 years field work with more than 100 clients we have learned how to give leaders at all levels of the organization better tools for engaging the hearts and minds of their workgroup. Performance is better and work is more fun!


Grow 50% Faster

Independent research evaluation of 2400 organizations (over 10 years) shows that those who use a holistic approach for working on the business outperform  those that don;t by more than 50% in sales and earnings growth. 

Align strategy, operations and individual

engagement around shared purpose.

Better Tools for Managing Millenials

Effective leaders have to work differently with different types of people. A 21st century management system must provide tools to make leaders more effective.



Strategic Planning  
Strategic planning captures clear goals in the system and provides  clarity of purpose. Leveraging this clarity, plans have to be understood and accessible to everyone. This ability to connect is the first step toward engagement.


Operational Planning
Strategic change has to be balanced against the demands of "running the organization" on a day to day basis. Operational planning is where the conflict among priorities, schedules and resources is ironed out. The key is to engage the people doing the work every step of the way.


Organization effectiveness depends on people getting the right information when they need it. Also, the ability to collaborate to use that information effectively.  People must be able to track selected projects to receive status changes on the mobile device of choice.


Creating Agility with Effective Check-in Meetings
Plans are never right. Leaders must provide their teams with clear ways to handle change. Agility is a must.  We give workgroups process and software for reporting progress and running effective meetings to make adjustments. 


Continuous Performance Coaching
Leaders need to be trained to give frequent, high-quality feedback  -- not just at year-end. They should see their job as coaching people to success. Access to real-time information as well as personality assessments makes this important work easier.


Effective Use of Data
Leaders need information to help teams understand plans and their progress against those plans. Information fuels learning, alignment and engagement.

What Makes the Six Disciplines Management System Different?

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Software that Reinforces Basic Leadership Competencies

  • Mobile apps for info to guide their team
  • Clarify responsibilities with clear Strategic, Operating, Project and Individual Plans
  • Meeting Manager for more collaborative, action oriented decision making
  • Guide weekly, quarterly, annual one-on-one coaching checkins
  • Dashboards for to accellerate team learning
  • Personality assessments to improve teamwork
  • Collaboration, communication tools
  • Assessments, surveys to gather meaningful input
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Purpose-Driven Design

Our system is based on the following assumptions:

  • Pursuing purpose is a large part of what it means to be human
  • People engaged in shared purpose perform better
  • Purpose-driven organizations have less stress and more fun
  • Our purpose is to 'connect people with purpose'


Four Solutions in One

 15 Years refining the integration of four seperate solutions:

  • Strategic and execution processes
  • Leadership development 
  • Performance management software
  • On-site, ongoing coaching

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Leadership Development Built In

  • Five roles - self, functional, project, process and strategy
  • 30 competencies introduced  and benchmarked in workshops
  • Competencies reinforced through built-in process, software and coaching
  • Progress is measured and integrated into annual check-in process (evaluations)


We Don't 'Consult and Leave'

  • Unlike consultants, we stick around
  • Coaches are onsite 4 times a year, every year
  • No long-term contracts (30 days)
  • Client retention is 7 years and climbing



  • We assume plans are never right. "Things" are always changing.
  • Planning is  an ongoing process rather than an event
  • Regular cycles of review and revision are established according "agile management" best practices
  • Mobile software alerts people to relevant information realtime

Take the next step. 


Customer Success Stories

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'Employee engagement and accountability  accountability increased with Six Disciplines'

"I come out of a large public company. I've done a lot of strategic planning work. What's different for me is the continual accountability in the Six Disciplines process. I now have a regimen and discipline.  Every week, I meet with my senior leadership team, and we literally going through the battlefield objectives and the key initiatives that we agreed to as a part of our vision 20/20."

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This company 'doubled sales and triple earnings'

"75% of the companies we invest in are on the Six Disciplines program. It’s not for everyone. The requirement of a CEO to really commit to Six Disciplines is what makes it work. If the CEO doesn't believe in it or isn't willing to commit the time, effort and energy that it requires, then it won’t work. But for those that do, the pay-off is there. A recent one of our investments that's following the Six Disciplines program more than doubled their revenue and tripled EBITA in four years."

Dick, Equity Fund Mananger

Download our free ebook:

Why & How to Build a Purpose-Driven Organization


Engage people in shared purpose – unlocking potential, increasing fulfillment and improving performance.


  • Why leaders must change
  • Four principles exemplified by purpose-driven leaders
  • What 21st Century management systems must do

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