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Aligning Reality with Vision

Many executives arrive at a point in their career when they start to think about helping others benefit from what they’ve learned. After 20+ years of experience, you begin to see fundamentals behind what works and what doesn’t in successful organizations. These insights aren’t “book smarts” – they’re the result of struggles with critical cash flow concerns, tough people problems, marketing challenges, sales hurdles, growth pains and technology tangles. Regardless of the subject, you’ve learned a lot that you could use to empower others.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should investigate using the Six Disciplines program to help other organizations achieve greater success – by becoming a Six Disciplines coach.


Join a Passionate Community of Like-Minded Professionals Who Share Your Desire for Excellence

Coach Recruiting

The most important attribute Six Disciplines coaches share is their desire to help the people they serve. All our senior coaches come out of careers as CEOs or top-level executives. Because we’re very selective in certifying coaches, there is a special camaraderie based on mutual respect for the depth and breadth of experience each coach brings to the group. This creates an open, sharing community with the common goal of taking care of the customer first.

Our coaches bring this service commitment to every engagement, providing objective input to complement internal management and provide a broader perspective than those engaged in the day-to-day operations.

Do Work You Love AND Build a Rewarding Income Stream


The Six Disciplines coaching model provides the greatest income potential to those coaches who do what they love: become a trusted advisor to customers by building enduring and evolving relationships. A lasting relationship can only develop when real value is delivered through a high-trust exchange, achieved the old fashioned way: through honesty, integrity and hard work. You have to earn the right to ask the hard questions at the right time and to step up as a confidante on private, difficult issues. Coaches can earn a low to mid- six figure income if they can build a few high-quality customer relationships where engagement in the Six Disciplines program is broad, deep and lasting.


Learn New Organizational Development and Coaching Skills That Improve Your Effectiveness In Mentoring Other Leaders

Coach Recruiting

The foundation of the Six Disciplines program is our methodology, which organizes tested and powerfully effective best-practices into a step-by-step approach for crafting strategy and managing execution. As part of the coach training process, we come along side you and field-certify you in the use of this methodology. This gives you a structured way to help organizations work on their business, and also provides a framework for strengthening your mentoring value.

Much of what is in the Six Disciplines methodology is common sense and is based on other best-practices. The difference is, we’ve researched, revised, tested, and organized all of this into one coherent process. This streamlines your role as a coach, while lowering the customer’s cost of implementing the Six Disciplines program.


Adopt a Well-Defined Organizational Excellence Program – All The Tools for Being Your Own Boss

The Six Disciplines Excellence program contains much more than a methodology. Supported by three legs of a “stool”, this methodology is the foundation of a robust excellence program.

The first leg of the stool is coaching, which includes the coaching you provide to the strategy (leadership) team as well as the internal cascading coaching which you have built and choreographed.

The second leg of the stool is the software, which provides performance management, goals management, and plan management applications. The software suite streamlines and simplifies the customer’s use of the excellence program by establishing metrics, gathering data and tracking progress. 

The third leg is an integrated leadership development program designed for year round, on-the-job development of leadership competencies including self-leadership for the client’s individual employees.

The Six Disciplines methodology, combined with its coaching, software, and leadership development provides a comprehensive platform that is flexible, customizable and thus applicable to a wide range of clients/industries. As a Six Disciplines coach, you’ll have the flexibility to decide what types of customers to serve, what types of industries to focus on, and how many customers you are willing and able to serve.

Excellence Program

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Execution Revolution

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Based on breakthrough research, field testing and proven best-practices.

With all of the pressures successful business leaders have today, none is more urgent or challenging than learning the ability to execute strategy. The thought-leading vision described by Gary Harpst in Six Disciplines® Execution Revolution sets a new course for how small and midsized businesses can finally confront the never-ending challenge of executing strategy.

Is the Six Disciplines Coaching Opportunity “Right” For Me?

The ideal Six Disciplines coach has:

  • 20+ years of strong, broad organizational experience. CEO or C level executive of a mid-size organization or division manager with a $25 - $100M budget responsibility. We’re looking for professionals who are seasoned, and have broad management or leadership experience. You must have the “presence”/ confidence to earn respect, ask hard questions, challenge skillfully, build strong relationships, and become a trusted advisor at the senior leadership/CEO level of mid-market organizations (100 to 2,500 employees).
  • Strong desire to give back, help others to succeed. Great interpersonal skills, high degree of emotional intelligence.
  • You’ll need to already have a solid network of executive-level business relationships to draw upon and develop leads, referrals and connections. This excellence program is typically marketed through referrals based on the powerful combination of the coach’s industry reputation and the strength of the Six Disciplines brand. This is a high-trust sale, involving changing the culture of an organization. Six Disciplines provides rich content, strong social media presence, and a well-visited website to support your marketing process, but rarely are sales made with a lead that comes through a website – this is a relationship sale.
  • This is a coaching role, not a consulting role: the distinction being that coaches are experts on the Six Disciplines process (e.g. strategic planning, execution, leadership development, performance management, etc.). In the coaching role, you’ll be asking your customer’s lots of questions, but unlike consultants, you’ll rarely be providing them with answers.
  • You’ll also need to have a healthy net worth so you can invest the time required to learn our program and be selective in choosing your customers. If you need immediate income from this coaching role to pay your living expenses during the first year, this is not the opportunity for you.
  • You MUST be comfortable with using technology. Our coaches are required to lead strategy meetings and deliver presentations, ask questions, record data and build the plans in software tools - sometimes all at the same time. You should be comfortable navigating software and technology while presenting.
  • You’ll need to be a self-starter who is willing and able to devote full-time effort to learning our program, finding and closing your first few customer organizations, and onboarding them to the Six Disciplines program successfully. After you become established, you’ll have more autonomy to work fewer hours per week, with a much more flexible schedule, depending on how much income you want to generate. Our experience tells us you won’t be able to start in this business part-time, or while you’re working another job. It takes considerable focus and energy to become established as a Six Disciplines coach with even just a few customer organizations.


The Requirements to be a Successful Six Disciplines Coach Are High, But So Are the Rewards

As you would expect, the reward of being a Six Disciplines coach is commensurate with your level of passion, your diligence in applying your expertise and the value you add to your customers.

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The Six Disciplines coaching opportunity demands commitment, hard work, and persistence but the rewards and benefits include:

  • The satisfaction of helping others to grow by leveraging what you’ve learned throughout your career
  • The camaraderie of working with other like-minded, high-quality, seasoned coaches
  • The opportunity to generate low to mid-six figure income, ultimately with a flexible work schedule
  • Our program is well-defined and packaged so that you can focus on learning, mastering and applying the methodology quickly, rather than building a complete business from scratch. While you cultivate the local customer relationships with organizations of your choice, Six Disciplines’ corporate staff supports you by handling the administrative details (e.g. customer billing, software hosting, paper materials preparation, etc.)
  • The Six Disciplines coaching opportunity is very exclusive. Not everyone is cut out to be a coach, and we’re not looking to blanket the nation with a coach on every corner. We’re looking to partner with a select group of highly qualified professionals to coach organizations across the country, an elite corps of highly competent and broadly experienced individuals.
  • Unlike other business coaching opportunities, there are no territory restrictions with Six Disciplines. This is a pure relationship sale, and relationships don’t fit geographic boundaries. This allows you to leverage your relationships wherever they are.
  • As a Six Disciplines coach, you are an independent entrepreneur. You set your hours, your location and your work style - it’s your call.

I want to become a Six Disciplines Business Coach, Now What Do I Do?

To quote the legendary personal productivity author, Stephen Covey, the next step is “to seek to understand”. Let’s connect TODAY and schedule an initial discovery conversation. In very short order, we'll know whether a partnership makes sense.

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There are many rewards and benefits to becoming a Six Disciplines coach. Find out what those rewards include.

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