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Have you ever attended a great training session and then weren't doing anything about what you learned a few months later? Read on to see how our leadership development program incorporates performance management software to solve this problem.

How We Built Software that Develops Leadership Skills All Year Long

Over a 15 year period we have been studying, applying and refining many organizational best practices into a single, step-by-step excellence model called Six Disciplines Methodology (edition III).

Then we built a leadership development curricullum, software and a coaching model ALL based on this same set of common set of organizational effectiveness principles.

The result is apps that automates many of the best practices taught in  our leadership development workshops and vice versa. 


Automate the Six Step Engagement Process

In our functional leadership development workshops we teach leaders that they shouild follow a six step process for engaging workers.

These steps include 1) clarifying responsibiliites 2) teaching each workgroup member to plan their week 3) running effective meetings 4) coaching each team member in a one-on-one quarterly  meeting  5)benchmarking teammember growth once a year and 6) conducting forward looking annual performance reviews.  

We make these concepts easier to remember and apply by automating all these best practices in software. Using the software gives the leader hands-on experience building leadership skills in their every-day work life.

Reinforce Good Goal Definition

A key skill for every leader and team member is defining clear goals and measures. The software requires that each goal has someone responsible, a clear definition of how success is to be measured and when it is due. 

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Turn Goals into Plans

Success requires more than setting individual goals. Leaders at all levels must reconcile conflicting goals into plans. Our software provides for each person on the team to have an individual plan that spells out their responsibilities in an open and transparent way. This encourages everyone to develop this important skill.

Learn to Run Effective Meetings

Ineffective meetings are huge demotivators and time wasters. Meeting Manager encourages leaders to:

  • Have a clear meeting purpose and agenda
  • Carry-forward open items for closure
  • Review plan progress in real-time
  • Track individual assignment
  • Access meeting history - no meeting left behind!
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Get People on the Right Page - FASTER!

Have you ever experienced brainstorming sessions that get nothing accomplished?

Our RightPage app helps teams to get on the right page quickly and easily.

It's simple, powerful and it's FREE!

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Make Annual Reviews Meaningful 

Many leaders and employees see annual reviews as a necessary evil. Our software builds in the steps needed to change this experience into something of high value :

  • progress and feedback are captured as a part of normal process during the year
  • benchmarking information from employee stakeholders is gathered systematically each year as a helpful input
  • professional development goals are defined and tracked 
  • aptitude for future responsibilities are explored and captured for use when new opportunities come available within the organization
  • the whole process is optimized to provide last years info at your finger tips so the focus shifts from collecting data about the past to thinking about the future
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