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New Call-to-actionIf you're a top-level executive, an HR professional, or project manager, you already understand than un-engaged employees won't buy into your strategy. Here are the top four ways Six Disciplines can help you effectively manage organizational performance:

  1. Simple, fast, agile methods to set and measure team goals
  2. Coaching and training to develop leaders and accountability
  3. Seamless integration of your current plans and processes
  4. Easy-to-use performance management software apps



Simple, fast and agile ways to set and measure team goals

Start by implementing a clear model of how team members and leaders are supposed to interact with each other. We call this the “employee engagement” cycle. While it's not intended to cover every detailed interaction, it does set a standard rhythm for proactive management that can be taught and measured. The basic principle is that clear goals are set, and regular, frequent communication and collaboration enable you to revise and complete goals more efficiently. This cycle provides feedback using quarterly and annual check-in meetings. In a word, our customers say - it works.



Coaching and training to develop leaders and accountability

Total engagement requires great relationships, and the team leader / team member relationship is often the most important relationship of all. Our Performance Management Program provides you with on-the-job training for building coaching relationships with each employee. Our Leadership Development workshops, processes and software cover all the bases, including competencies like:

  • How to set a good goal
  • How to monitor progress
  • How to provide feedback to team members
  • How to run effective meetings
  • How to conduct one-on-one check-in meetings
  • How to evaluate results
  • How to prepare and conduct an annual review


Seamless integration with your current plans and processes

Engaging your people is only part of the solution - they need to be engaged in doing the right things!  Otherwise, engagement just helps the organization go in the wrong direction - faster. The Six Disciplines methodology helps by asking the essential questions that strategy must answer, so your organizational vision is clear. We'll show you how to build a change roadmap that guides your organization toward reaching your vision. The strategy and change roadmap provide clarity about how to align your valuable resources to both run AND change your organization at the same time. 

Our Performance Management Program captures and makes your strategic priorities transparent, so that team and individual goals are aligned.  Said another way, our employee engagement program is designed to fit into a larger model for crafting strategy and managing its execution.


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Make access to information and continuous engagement easier

The Six Disciplines suite of software apps are designed to embrace employee engagement throughout your organization, including managing plans, meetings, actions (to-do’s), quarterly and annual check-ins, collaboration exercises, feedback surveys, and dashboard metrics.


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