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Six Disciplines Announces Expansion into Five New Local Markets
Local Coaches Now Available in Columbus OH, Youngstown/Akron, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Denver/Colorado Springs

Findlay, Ohio – June 26, 2018 – Six Disciplines, the provider of a new type of business management system for purpose-driven leaders, today announced it has expanded its coaching network into five additional markets including Columbus, Ohio, Youngstown/Akron, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Denver/Colorado Springs.

Six Disciplines coaches work with clients to implement the Six Disciplines Management System that enables leaders to more easily and effectively build purpose-driven organizations. By integrating software, coaching and proven excellence methodology, Six Disciplines’ management system allows CEOs, HR and other leaders to create, align and automate business strategy with operations and individual employee execution, creating a consistent, disciplined coach-led process that engages everyone in a workforce around a shared organizational purpose.

Six Discipline’s coaches, now available on-site in these local markets, provide businesses with ongoing, on-site coaching to continuously guide teams and encourage managers using best practices to ensure improved performance and lasting results. Coaches are on-site at least four times per year and available by phone regularly. “Coaching is one of the core tenants upon which Six Disciplines Management System is built, and it is critical to successful implementation,” said Gary Harpst, founder and CEO of Six Disciplines. “With this expansion of our coaching network, we are advancing our goal of having coaches within two hours of all clients. This proximity is important because our coaches are onsite every quarter to assure organizations are receiving maximum impact from the Six Disciplines Management System.”

Six Disciplines coaches are seasoned pros with 20-plus years of business or nonprofit leadership. They help equip leaders across the country to build purpose-driven organizations to more effectively align strategy, operations and individual engagement around shared purpose.

About Six Disciplines
Six Disciplines is the provider of a new type of business management system that equips leaders to engage people in shared purpose to improve performance and drive growth. Six Disciplines helps CEOs, HR and other business leaders create and align business strategy with people and execution. Its system uniquely combines a proven excellence methodology, software, coaching, and leadership development to automate, streamline and continuously align business strategy with a work management system that maximizes the potential of its workforce around shared purpose. Over 1,500 leaders managing more than 10,000 people rely on Six Disciplines to help them unlock their potential and sustain their strategy. Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, Six Disciplines is a privately owned company. For more information, visit us at https://www.sixdisciplines.com/, on twitter @SixDisciplines or LinkedIn.

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