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Become a Six Disciplines Coach

We're actively expanding our coaching and consulting network with qualified management consulting organizations that have a proven track record for providing strategic, operational, or IT consulting services to their clients.


Become A Coach and Pass Your Knowledge On

The Six Disciplines coaching opportunity demands commitment, hard work, and persistence

It takes hard work to become a Six Disciplines coach, but there are many rewards and benefits. Some of those rewards include:

  • The satisfaction of helping others to grow by leveraging what you’ve learned throughout your career
  • The camaraderie of working with other like-minded, high-quality, seasoned coaches
  • The opportunity to generate low to mid-six figure income, ultimately with a flexible work schedule
  • Our program is well-defined and packaged so that you can focus on learning, mastering and applying the methodology quickly, rather than building a complete business from scratch. While you cultivate the local customer relationships with organizations of your choice, Six Disciplines’ corporate staff supports you by handling the administrative details (e.g. customer billing, software hosting, paper materials preparation, etc.)
  • Unlike other business coaching opportunities, there are no territory restrictions with Six Disciplines. This is a pure relationship sale, and relationships don’t fit geographic boundaries. This allows you to leverage your relationships wherever they are.

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Execution Revolution

FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD Execution Revolution

Based on breakthrough research, field testing and proven best-practices.

With all of the pressures successful business leaders have today, none is more urgent or challenging than learning the ability to execute strategy. The thought-leading vision described by Gary Harpst in Six Disciplines® Execution Revolution sets a new course for how small and midsized businesses can finally confront the never-ending challenge of executing strategy.