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Help People “Win”

Everyone has a built-in desire to “win” in life. To unlock potential requires helping individuals connect their unique abilities to meaningful work. Research shows that for many millennials, the larger purpose of the organization they work in is as important as compensation.


Build Stronger Teamwork

People are social. They want and need to work with other people to achieve success. Kurt Levin's research (the father of Organizational Development) reveals that when people collaborate they are more committed to their work than when they work alone.

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Purpose-Driven Organizations are Built Around Purpose-Driven Leaders

Unlocking the potential in an organization can only be done by the people in it. This kind of transformation happens one team at a time, and starts when the team leader develops the desire and decides to change.


Next Generation Management Systems Equip Leaders at Every Level to be More Effective

The Six Disciplines Management System makes a purpose-driven leader’s job easier.  It does this by providing:

  • Six proven processes Align strategy, operations and individuals around shared-purpose
  • On-the-job leader development training. Introduces and reinforces 30 leadership competencies
  • Ongoing, onsite coaching. Guides and provides lasting results
  • Mobile software. Manages plans, dashboards, continuous communication and collaboration

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Learn Why You Need to

Build a Purpose-Driven Organization

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Engage employees in your company’s purpose for lasting results

Use Software to Equip Inexperienced and Experienced Leaders for Greater Success

Millennials bring a unique and wonderful challenge to the workplace today. They want more frequent feedback and better connection to purpose.

We make your leaders' jobs easier by offering software designed and embedded with proven practices from our organization engagement methodology AND  our leadership development program. The combined effect is a streamlined way for leaders to coach and connect people to purpose in their everyday work.

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What Makes us Different?


Our Motivation Is You

Our purpose is to help others find their purpose in work. This has deep meaning to us because we believe people are created by God and in His image and therefore have incalculable worth. 


Vertical Span: Connect Bottom to Top

Our management system aligns top-level strategy, operations and front-line individuals around shared purpose. Better performance depends on having clear strategy AND people that understand it.


Solution Completeness: Four in One 

To simplify life for leaders we include several solutions that are often implemented separately.  Our management system includes an excellence framework, leader development, ongoing, onsite coaching and mobile software in one integrated management system.


Onsite, Ongoing Coaching: We Don't Consult and Leave

When we provide guidance to organizations we stick around to make sure it works. Our coaches are onsite at least 4 times per year and connect by phone at least monthly


No Long-term Contracts

Our program works, we don't want long-term contracts. If in the clients view we are not adding value, then we leave within 30 days 

Download our free ebook:

Why & How to Build a Purpose-Driven Organization


Engage people in shared purpose – unlocking potential, increasing fulfillment and improving performance.


  • Why leaders must change
  • Four principles exemplified by purpose-driven leaders
  • What 21st Century management systems must do

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