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Align strategy, operations, and individual engagement.

Improve performance • Boost innovation
Increase fulfillment • Execute with excellence


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Systems allow mere mortals to run extraordinary businesses.

-Allan Dib

Are you getting what you want from your business?

  • Is your growth creating complexity and chaos?
  • Are your departments out of alignment cross-functionally?
  • Are you satisfied with your top-line growth?
  • Can your leaders translate your strategy into daily execution?

   You've built a great business. Let's unlock its potential.   

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Practical, research-based management framework.

The question is not whether you have a method to your management. The question is whether it is effective.

Thousands of hours of research. More than 15 years of trial and error testing in business. Six Disciplines is the first methodology to distill widespread business best practices into one cohesive whole. The “best of the best” integrated into six step-by-step disciplines. 

Together, the disciplines establish a management rhythm that aligns strategy, operations, and individual engagement around shared-purpose. 

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We know, you got this. But where could you be with a better system? 

With a system and external support, you can double your performance. Learn more from our research.

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Discipline I: Strategic Vision

Collaborating to answer a series of important questions, the senior strategy team develops a shared vision to articulate the organization's purpose and what it will excel at over the long term.

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Discipline II: Strategic Change Management

The strategy team then builds a change roadmap with goal targets and vital change projects. The result is shared clarity used to engage the rest of the organization with the strategic vision.

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Discipline III: Operational Alignment

The strategy team’s plan naturally creates a tension between current work and future changes. The strategy team must help workers understand changes and balance “running” and “changing” the business. Discipline III harmonizes operating plans and change initiatives.

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Discipline IV: Teamwork Driven Execution

Changing conditions and better information mean plans must change. Using coaching, software, and regular team check-in's, Discipline IV helps teams form communication habits to stay agile and keep focused on a their most important work

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Discipline V: Continuous Improvement

Every day, team members see quality problems and inefficiencies. Discipline V puts in place an effective process to assure these ideas are prioritized and acted on quickly. This empowers everyone, all the time, to improve the business.

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Discipline VI: Organization Improvement

A regular self-examination helps the organization analyze external factors like regulations, economy, technology, and competitors; gaps between current and best practices; current strategy execution; and the strengths of their people. Discipline VI prepares the organization for the next planning cycle and for future success.

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