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Our software encourages your managers to coach and develop their teams with best practices, using more frequent feedback and regular check-ins.


Our apps work together seamlessly to streamline goal-setting, plan building, meeting management, action-tracking and progress monitoring.


Our software supports the competencies taught in the Leadership Development Program to develop leaders year-round at all levels of your organization.


Our apps integrate with the Strategy Execution Program and the Performance Management Program, linking directly to your strategic plan. 

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Analytics Manager

Respond Faster, Perform Better. Our dashboards give you easy access to the real-time performance management information you need to engage every employee and stay purpose-driven.

  • At-a-glance access to goals, plans, actions, and data
  • See up-to-date goal measures cleary with charts and graphs
  • Import widgets from our ready-to-use library or create customized widgets from scratch
  • Customize and share dashboards
  • Import custom/external data from multiple sources

Learn Why You Need to

Build a Purpose-Driven Organization

Why & How to Build a  Purpose-Driven Organization

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Plan Manager

Clarify Your Organization's Purpose, Build a Roadmap, and Execute The Plan. Plan Manager provides your team with an on-going, systematic process to develop, review and revise plans, keeping you agile.

  • Clarify your organization's strategic plan
  • Develop department/operational plans
  • Align individual plans
  • Tracks measures and outcomes for accountability
  • All data feeds into quarterly check-ins for real and helpful feedback
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Collaboration Manager

Solve the Meeting Dilemma. Ineffective meetings waste time and drag down the momentum of your team. Our software helps your leaders plan and facilitate purposeful and helpful meetings.

  • Carry-forward open items for closure
  • Review plan progress in real-time
  • Track individual assignments
  • Access meeting history - no meeting left behind!
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Get People on the Right Page - FASTER!  Have you ever experienced a brainstorming session that seems to go on forever, yet nothing is accomplished? Six Discipline's RightPage helps your team get on the right page quickly and easily.

  • Poll your team with an important question
  • Together, create a list of possible solutions
  • Vote on devices and see results immediately
  • Provides objectivity and increases stakeholder buy-in
  • RightPage also makes SWOT Analysis

Watch the video, and get your RightPage app FREE today! 

Learn More About RightPage
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Engagement Manager

Make Performance Reviews Meaningful. Many leaders and employees see annual reviews as a necessary evil. Our software makes transparency and continual growth a part of the organizational culture.

  • Real-time progress reports and feedback
  • Systematically gathers from employee stakeholders benchmarking information to help leaders learn
  • Define and track professional goals for every employee
  • Employee aptitudes are explored and captured for use when new opportunities come available within the organization
  • Provides last year's data at your fingertips so the focus quickly shifts from the past to the the future. The whole process is optimized to grow every team member.
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Action Manager

Access Plans, Projects, and To-Do’s Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. Unlike normal 'to-do' apps, our mobile Action Manager connects you with every plan, meeting, and responsibility you have in your organization. Finally, you can be on top of the most important priorities wherever and whenever you need access to them.

  • Actionable to-do list
  • Integrated actions from all your projects and goals
  • Encourages daily and weekly planning
  • Easily create to-do's from your email inbox
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