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Strategy isn't built with software alone. You build it by getting the right people in the room, and by making important decisions and difficult choices. Choices about what to do, and what not to do. Six Disciplines software makes the strategy process easier by:

  • Creating a standard way to record goals 
  • Making decisions visible and transparent throughout your organization
  • Creating a common process for reporting on the progress of your plans
  • Automating the process of reviewing and revising plans, which is essential for agile teams
  • Fostering engagement, responsibility, and accountability  

Here's how Six Disciplines software apps support the formation and execution of your strategy.

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Make Your Job Easier By Using Software That Works Together With Strategy Execution Processes and Leadership Development

Accelerate the success of executing your strategy by combining easy-to-use performance management apps with an agile, team-driven methodology. Supported by continuous coaching and leadership development training at all levels, and you finally have a system that fits together seamlessly.

Choose a Scalable Business Management Software Platform That Works For You Today AND Tomorrow

Crafting strategy and executing it are two very different challenges. Our suite of software apps include plan management, real-time dashboards, meeting agendas, team collaboration, brainstorming, front-line performance management, to-do management, even big data gathering through surveys. You may not need it all up front, but as you engage more people in strategy execution, you'll be glad to know Six Disciplines covers all the bases.
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Clarify Your Vision AND The Roadmap to Get There

Our process enables your organization to build plans that balance the conflicting demands of Running & Changing the Organization - AT THE SAME TIME!


 Clarify Your Organization's Vision, Build a Roadmap, and Execute The Plan

By making organizational performance both visible and transparent, you'll be able to increase employee engagement, accelerate team learning, and identify gaps and problems earlier.  

Our dashboards offer visible and graphic accessto the real-time performance management information you need to be both agile and action-oriented.

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Want to learn more about the Strategy Execution Program?

Strategy Execution Program Pricing

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Connect Your People to Purpose - Every Day

By being clear about goals, plans, and responsibilities, your people will understand and more fully engage themselves with your organization's strategy. 

Solve the Meeting Dilemma FOREVER By Using the Smart Mobile Meeting Manager App 

Execution depends on open communication and collaboration. Meeting Manager enables you to:

  • Have a clear meeting purpose and agenda
  • Carry-forward open items for closure
  • Review plan progress in real-time
  • Track individual assignments
  • Access meeting history - no meetings left behind!
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Easily Survey Individuals, Teams - Even Customers and Suppliers

Real-time surveys provide the insights your people need to perform better. Take advantage of our Best Practice Assessments to identify gaps that need to be addressed during strategic planning and annual planning sessions.

 Access Plans, Projects, and To-Do’s Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Unlike traditional 'to-do' apps, our mobile Action Manager connects you with every plan, meeting, and responsibility you have in your organization.

Finally - you can be on top of your most important priorities whenever, and wherever you need them. 

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Execution Revolution

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With all of the pressures successful business leaders have today, none is more urgent or challenging than learning the ability to execute strategy. The thought-leading vision described by Gary Harpst in Six Disciplines® Execution Revolution sets a new course for how small and midsized businesses can finally confront the never-ending challenge of executing strategy.